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LUCY'S: Gluten Free Oatmeal Cookies, 5.5 Oz


LUCY'S: Gluten Free Oatmeal Cookies, 5.5 Oz GSSWKHFM00007971
A delicious and healthy gluten free and vegan oatmeal cookie that has mild sweetness combined with a hint of salt.The glorious Oatmeal Cookie has long been a part of human history and actually originated in the British Isles. Here at Lucy’s we worked tirelessly to make sure we got it right. That hard work paid off! These oatmeal cookies have been called our “Mona Lisa” - simple perfection.A great alternative to high-sugar, high-fat cookies and cookie recipes, our oatmeal cookies are first and foremost nutritious, while remaining unbelievably delicious. And for folks who have healthy eating on their minds, oats can be a helpful addition to the diet.We use only organic cane sugar to get the mild sweetness that is the signature of a good oatmeal cookie. They make an ideal energy-boosting snack for kids in school or out playing hard.Enjoy!
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