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Lakewood Organic Aloe Juice - Fresh Pressed - Inner Fillet - 32 oz

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Cold pressed - not from concentrate. gmo free. usda organic. florida organic growers and consumers. aloe vera inner fillet. no preservatives. fresh pressed pure aloe vera with lemon. the juice from over 3 lb of fresh aloe in every bottle. no preservatives. no citric acid added. no sodium benzoate. no potassium sorbate. pure aloe contains a wide range of micro-nutrients. taken internally, pure aloe is associated with: bowel regularity and bowel motility; joint function and circulation; soothing occasional, mild stomach irritation; supporting the healing process; supporting the immune system; aiding digestion. applied externally, pure aloe is associated with: soothing skin irritations; strengthening the skin moisture bather to help repair rough, dry skin. lakewood quality since 1935. we believe there is no equal. in appreciation of our customers, the lakewood family donates 10% of the proceeds from the sale of this product to organizations such as the american heart association. full strength: consumer note: this is a natural full strength pure aloe. this is not a diluted product. for best taste results enjoy over ice or mix: one part lakewood pure aloe with 2 to 4 parts cold fruit juice. glass recycles. certified organic by quality certification services; florida organic growers and consumers. usda organic product. certified organic - grown and harvested in accordance with the usda national organic program. no synthetically compounded fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides or growth regulators. all lakewood juices are pressed, pasteurized, bottled, and vacuum safety sealed in certified organic facilities. preservative free. gluten free. casein free. aloin free (this product contains less than 2ppm aloin). gmo free. 100% juices are naturally gluten-free. contains 100% juice.

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