Jims Organic Coffee - Whole Bean - Colombian Santa Marta Montesierra - Case of 6 - 12 oz.

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Deeply rich and opulent with milk chocolate-like notes. Our Colombian is from Monte Sierra, a group of farmers located in the Parquet National Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta in the northeast of Colombia, overlooking the Caribbean Sea. Here the mountains rise dramatically from a calm beach to rainforest conditions at ideal coffee elevation. Over the first ridge moisture is captured that helps to produce such a high quality coffee. We desire and achieve a balance of milk chocolate with berry notes for a truly rich experience.

Organic 100%

Sold By Case

JIM's notes...

For many years, there was no certified organic coffee coming out of Colombia. When we finally gained a consistent supply, it moved to our top sellers list and has not looked back. A testament to the gone-but-not-forgotten Juan Valdez campaign. And of course to our now consistent high quality supply.

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