The GaaS Cloud “GROCERY AS A SERVICE” Pricing Statement:

We are the best priced “E-GROCER” On-Line, and we prove it at the “CHECKOUT”. We don’t obligate our customers to buy “FULL CASES” to get a “GREAT PRICE”. When you shop for either your “WEEKLY”, “MONTHLY”, and or, “QUARTERLY” Needs, “GaaS CLOUD” Gives all customers the “BEST PRICE PER ITEM” On every “CHECKOUT OPPORTUNITY”.

Also, with the purchase of one of our “ANNUAL MEMBERSHIPS”, All “GaaS CLOUD CUSTOMERS” will receive an extra “INSTANT CASHBACK SAVINGS” of “1 TO 5% MORE” On each purchase at every checkout opportunity. So, Shop with the GaaS CLOUD, “BUY THE QUANTITY YOU NEED”, “OF THE PRODUCT YOU NEED”, and still “ENJOY THE BEST PRICES AT EVERY CHECKOUT OPPORTUNITY”.

Remember, we have THE BEST VARIETY, THE BEST PRICES of any “E-GROCER” ON-LINE, and we prove it at the “CHECKOUT”.

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