Today, June 5th is National Ketchup Day!

One of America’s top condiment is Ketchup. Do you know where Ketchup originates from? If you said America, that’s incorrect, Ketchup originates from Asia. The name came from the Hokkien a Chinese word. Kê-tsiap, is the name of a sauce derived from fermented, the fish word for sauceed.

The original ingredients of Ketchup contained: egg whites, mushrooms, oysters, mussels, or walnuts, among other ingredients.

Ketchup went through a few modifications before it became what it is today.

Today’s Ketchup is tomato base, the ingredients includes tomatoes, sweetener, and vinegar, with assorted seasonings and spices. The latter vary by the recipe but commonly include onions, allspice, coriander, cloves, cumin, garlic, mustard and sometimes celery, cinnamon or ginger.

Ketchup has been a selling commodity since 1876. Legend has it that Henry John Heinz invented ketchup by adopting a Chinese recipe for so-called Cat Sup, a thick sauce made from tomatoes, special seasoning, and starch. Food engineer Werner Stoll of the Heinz company is positive: “H.J. Heinz invented ketchup.

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